KP510A Vision Added Automatic Printer ¡@
  • Auto stencil cleaning: Standard Specification, including Wet wiping, dry wiping and Exhausting the air.
  • Humanity software: Easy to learn and operate.
  • When Blade is working under stencil or departing from stencil; it will not move up and down; to ensure the steady of printing.
  • Blade tooling with floating blade and device of constant pressure, it will not influence the quality when changing the blade.
  • Built-in multistage function for separated board could prevent the solder stain the boards.
  • Z axis print platform working fast and steady, could increase the printing flatness of increase the printing flatness of pc board.
  • The vacuum device is option,  for under 0.6mm board.
  • Alignment system with the multi binary control, and include the X,Y,£c high precision movement, ensure the printing fixed accuracy.<more...>
GAM 320AT In-Line Automatic PCB Separator ¡@
  • In-line automatic PCB separator can load, cut, and un-load PCBs automatically to meet the needs of automatic factory.
  • Can automatically adjust width to adapt to the size of PCB. Can automatically differentiate finished PC board from waste-material after cutting for saving labor costs.
  • Provide dual worktables for placing and cutting PCB in parallel to enhance the efficiency of operation.
  • The system has auto-focusing function and requires no manual operation to adjust focus.
  • Use high-speed spindle for cutting with auto tool-change function. Save a lot of time in tool change by hand.
  • Automatic detection of broken/dropped/reversed milling tool in auto tool-change.
  • The MES central control system can be linked to upper information management system and provide integrated production data to monitor the status of equipment at any time.
  • The ¡§upper dust collector¡¨ incorporated with ¡§flexible cleaning brush module¡¨ enables deepening the milling tool to prolong the life-cycle of the tool¡¦s usage. (GAM 330AT).
  • Provide automatic open/close switching module for clamp plate.<more...>