KP 100/KP100L/KP100XL Semi-auto printer

  • Applied to diverse stencils
  • Uncomplicated operations
  • Easy to change the lines
  • High printing precision
  • Applied to diverse stencils

Stencil plate arm adopts high-accuracy square rail to make horizontal sliding, it is smooth going and suits for various stencil.

  • Uncomplicated operations:

Humanization controls interface; easy to operate.

  • Easy to change the lines:

  1. Platform has no interval to finely adjustment, with changes the line not only correctly but also fast.

  2. The distance is adjusted to print between the stencils; it offers merely short time adjustment and high accuracy by percentage form make for moving from basis.

  • High printing precision:

Print the integrative shaping of the complexion of seats, have long life spin; won't be in fluenced.

Applied industry

1.Applied for SMT, PCB, LCD, IC packaging and semiconductor industries...etc.

2.Custom-made products are available (for special specifications of other industries).

Custom-made products

1.Jig, Two-sided jig.

2.Steel scraper.


Steel scraper.


Mainframe of Machinery

Specifications KP100 KP100L KP100XL
Dimension 750mm*900mm*1450mm 1000mm*970mm*1500mm 1600mm*825mm*1500mm
Weight About 250Kg  300Kg


Electric power supply 1kw,4A
Voltage AC 1Ø,220V,50/60HZ
Air Supply Clean dry air 5~6kg/cm2 30 l/min

Print specification

Specifications KP100 KP100L KP100XL
Applied thickness of baseboard 0.5~5mm
Platform area 400mm*300mm 600mm*500mm 1250mm*350mm
Print area 350mm*250mm 550mm*450mm 1200mm*300mm
Print speed 5~250mm/sec
Print direction Left to right/Right to left print
Print pressure are 0.5~5kg/cm2
Working platform height 900mm
Stencil (net) board dimension (max) 735mm*550mm 1000mm*735mm 1600mm*550mm
Fine tuning Pin
Fixed position X:±10mm Y:±10mm
Print precision ±20μm ±20μm ±30μm