GENITEC Technology, founded in 1993 and certified to IOS 9001 in 2001, has excellent experience in developing high-tech intelligent equipment for SMT and PCB assembly automation industry. Having established modern factories and maintenance service centers in both Taiwan and China, now we are actively setting up a global service network to provide the best service for our customers world-wide. Facing the keen competition in 21st century, GENITEC Technology continues to spend more efforts on innovation and developing new leading-edge technologies with professional and international macro-views. The company continues to cultivate talented engineers by offering state-of-the-art training programs and introducing new technologies to keep their professional knowledge always updated. Maximizing customer satisfaction is GENITEC¡¦s commitment. GENITEC Technology is the best partner of your business .We offer a broad range of Equipment to ensure the best and complete service for electronic industry, including the

¡´ Automatic PCB Separator

¡´ SMT related equipment

¡´ PCB equipment

¡´ Automation control system equipment



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