ˇ@ 1993
  • GENITEC TECHNOLOGY CO, LTD was established.
ˇ@ 1995
  • Focused on developing machinery equipment for electronics industry.
ˇ@ 1997
  • Started mass production of machinery equipment for electronic industry.
  • Extended business scale to cover the development of PCB machinery equipment for the production line .
ˇ@ 1998
  • Spent tremendous efforts on R&D, GENITEC successfully transformed to became a high-tech designer and manufacturer of machinery equipment .
ˇ@ 2001
  • Received grant of ˇ§Outstanding Research and Development in innovative technologiesˇ¨ awarded by Ministry of Economic Affairs .
  • ISO 9001 was certificated.
ˇ@ 2002
  • Expanded business operation. Grand opening of new head office and plant.
  • Built a modern plant in East China. Set up distribution points in South China.
ˇ@ 2004
  • Received ˇ§Outstanding Innovation Award in R&D of SMEˇ¨ from Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs.
ˇ@ 2010
  • Set up ˇ§GENITEC Social Welfare Foundationˇ¨ to fulfill corporateˇ¦s social responsibility and humanitarian concerns .
ˇ@ 2015
  • Set long-term plan to cope with the trend of ˇ§International Division of Laborˇ¨. Moved towards the goal of ˇ§sustainable development and operationˇ¨.
ˇ@ 2017
  • Provided in-line and off-line total solution for PCBA separation manufacturing process. Launched a series of automated equipment for PCBA separation manufacturing process in the market.
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