GAM 860H Automatic Drill Bit Repoint Machine

  • High efficiency:
    • Consistent operation for automatic cleaning, grinding, examining and put up/down materials. Make sure the grinding efficiency of Drilling.
  • Low cost:
    • Accurate control of grinding quantity, increase grinding time and reduce cost.
  • High reliability:
    • Automatic blade examine function, ensure the quality of the drilling to 100% after grinding.
  • Convenience:
    • Humanization windows interface, easy to learn and control.
    • Digitization grinding argument setting, control grinding quality accurately .
    • Use keyboard to adjust and setting the difference between double, separate and head size. Simple and easy to use .
  • Automatic accurate tiny drill bit of grinding
  • Suitable for high accurate and low cost of grinding requirement especially for (Φ0.1~Φ0.35mm).
  • Indispensable instrument for drilling factory and reserve drilling room.
  • Best assistant for profession OEM drilling factory.
【Operational Vision】
  • Diagrammatic window operating.
  • Humanly Operational Environment.
  • Easy to learn use.
【System Setting】
  • Provides the fine tuning revise by diagrammatic machine.
  • Windows Operational Environment: Easy to learn.
【 AOI Inspection】
Chips Open Point Overlap Off Set
Flare Negative Chisel Point Inconcentricity Outer diameter
Input/Output mechanism
  • Auto load in/out, can place 400 pcs drill bits for one time.
  • The error area for output mechanism, could be place 100 pcs drill bits.
  • Special SPEC of drill bit plate, we can accept custom made.
【Drill bit clean mechanism】
  • High performance and multiple auto clean system, make sure the clean of each drill bit.
  • Before re-point and inspection, the machine will auto clean drill bit.


【Drill bit re-point mechanism】
  • High precision and low vibration for emery-wheel and spindle, make sure re-point quality.
  • V trough for drill bit clip, equipped with precision slot, it could change different size of drill bit in short time.
  • Re-point volume, overlap, different size, etc, and re-point parameters can be set up by software, easy to operate.
Grinding Wheel Dresser

V-type Groove

#1 0.1mm for ø0.1mm

#2 0.2mm for ø0.2mm

#3 0.3mm for ø0.3mm

Dust Collector
Drill Bit clamping Jaw Drill Bit Cleaning system  
  Drill bit diameter ø0.1~ø1.0mm Different drill bit's diameter needs to replace proper grinding wheel and V-Groove's size
  Drill bit shank's diameter ø3.175mm(standard) ø2.0mm(option)
  Drill bit point angle 115∘~140∘adjustable
  Drill bit primary angle 5∘~30∘
  Production capacity ø0.1~ø0.35mm : 400UPH , ø0.4~1.0mm : 300UPH
  Yield Rate ø0.2mm~ø0.35mm : 95% (within 2nd time grinding), ø0.15mm以下:90% (within 2nd time grinding),ø0.4mm以上:90% (within 2nd time grinding
  Loading/Unloading cartridge 400pcs 50pcs/8 boxes (standard);100pcs/box*4boxes (option); Others(option)
  NG cartridge 50pcs (standard) 100pcs (option)
  Drill bit cleaning mechanism Automatic cam repeat cleaning system
  Grinding wheel outer diameter ø75mm
  Grinding wheel rotational speed 6000RPM(max)
  Amount of forward (Minimum) 0.5um Programmable setting
  Grinding wheel dressing Programmable automatic grinding system
  Controlling system PC Base + PLC
  Optics system High magnification fixed focal lens/zoom lens
  The images capture system High resolution CCD + LED light source
  AOI system Analysis software of drill bit blade surface detection +SPC statistical charts
  Operating system Windows
  Air compressor demand pressures 6kg/cm²
  Air Consumption 120L/min approx
  Electric power demand AC220V±10%
  Power consumption 2.5kwg
  Machine size (WxDxH) 1480*1000*1740mm (Not include stack light)
  Weights 1200kg
  Catalogue GAM860h.pdf