GAM 860 Repoint Machine

  • Suitable for SMT's small diameter of drill,to do the second grind.
  • Just need to fit in an opposite for one time,and operator could grind.
  • When the grind has finished,the press-plate will raise by itself,and it's convenient for operator.
  • There are the cross-fit-Microscope and point of drill Inspection Microscope enclosed on machine,especially in inspect drill.
  • The power is for AC11V/AC220V.
  • The dust collecting mechanism,could improve the question of dust.
  • For grinding of precision micro-drill.
  • For professional grind & drilling factory.
  • Suit for various precision and low cost demands of grinding.
  • High quality and requirement for re-grinding.
  • Apply to factory of maintain and warehouse with drill.
  • Emery wheel reshape machine

  • V-type Jig

  1. #5 V-type Jig Ø0.8-Ø1.0

  2. #6 V-type Jig Ø1.05-Ø1.3


  • Microscope


Image focusing in correct position system.   Inspection status of drill and determine the situation of grinding.   The drill clipping movement mechanism.   The movement balance of main wheel in Emery wheel and the vibrating parameter control system.   Optical development system. Micro-stepping PC control system.
  Diameter of drill handle Ø3.175mm  
  Grinding ability Ø0.1~Ø1.3mm  
  The angle of drill point 110°~180°  
  The angle of drill point surface 0°~30°  
  Outer size of emery wheel Ø75mm  
  Left-emery wheel precision #3000  
  Right-emery wheel precision #1200~#800  
  Rotational speed of emery wheel 5730RPM  
  The circle speed of emery wheel 1000m/min  
  The minimum forward size of drill 0.002mm  
  Power AC110V/AC220V±10%  
  Total elect power 300W  
  The motor of emery wheel AC220V 90W 3200RPM  
  The motor of horizontal movement D.C Motor,Gear Rate:1:100  
  The turn wheel 2000 PULSE  
  Dimension 715mm(w)465mm(H)510MM(D)  
  Weights 120Kg  
  Catalogue GAM860.pdf