GAM 80H Automatic Drill Bit Ring-setting Machine

  • Automatic operation without Contact: Ring Setting, Diameter Inspection
    Effective Drill Bit Length Inspection.
  • Unique Image Processing Technology: Inspection automatically & check the defective drill bit.
  • The carry box can comply with all different brands of drill bit.
  • Window Interface: Easy to learn.
  • Humanly Operation Environment: High Productivity & Reliability.
  • PCB Drill Room Operation.
  • Ring Setting & Inspection in the Facility.
  • Manufacturer's best choice to maintain quality & package.
  • Statistic data sheet improves the processing.
【Operational Vision】
  • Diagrammatic window operating page.
  • Humanly Operational Environment.
  • Easy to learn and use.

【System Setting】

  • Provides the fine tuning revise by diagrammatic machine.
  • Windows Operational Environment: Easy to learn.

【Input Device】

  • Comply with all different brands' drill package box.
  • Automatic processing without touch.
  • Can replenish new drill bit box during the operation.
  • Drill Bit Plate and Package Size depend on users demands.

【Output Device】

  • Comply with all different brands' drill package box.
  • Inspect the defective drill bit automatically and move to the defective area.
  • Cooperate with the Overturn device: Put drill bit directly to Hitachi drill plate.。
  • Drill Bit Plate and Package Size depend on Users demands.

【Drill bit Overturn Device】

  • Patent rotation mechanism increase over 30% speed of material exiting.
  • User can set rotation action by oneself.

【 Carry Box Setting】

  • More than 100 options for Carry Box.
  • Update or Modify Carry Box's Size.
  • Full Screen Edition: Easy to use.


  • Apply to various spec. of carry box; also user can add their demand spec. by oneself.
  Equip ring-setting, ring-extending, ring-releasing, ring-changing, full box exiting, also with ring-setting depth, broken drilling bit, diameter, length inspection functions.  
  Ring Setting Capability 45pcs/min  
  Ring Setting Capability (Drill Bit Over-Turn) 41pcs/min  
  Ring Setting Accuracy ±0.02mm  
  Diameter Inspection Accuracy ±0.03 mm  
  Drill Bit Length Inspection Accuracy ±0.05mm  
  Drill Bit Size ø0.1~ø2.2mm  
  Drill Handle Diameter ø3.175mm  
  Ring Size ø7.5mm*4.6t  
  Standby Area Capacity 500-1000pcs  
  Defective Area 40pcs  
  System windows  
  Air Demand 6kg-cm2  
  Power Supply AC220V±10% 1500UA  
  Dimensions (L×W×H) 1811×1029×1676 mm  
  Weight 850kg  
  Catalogue GAM80H.pdf