GAM 80 High-Speed Automatic Ring Setting Machine
  • For Printer Circuit Board Drilling House.
  • In Accordance ISO 9000 Requirements.
  • High Speed, Accuracy, and Quality.
  • LED Display Panel and Microprocessor Control.
  • Low Cost for Labor.
  • No Need for Air Compress.
  • Conventionally companies have tried to achieve high speed and good iterating setting machine to solve some confusing problem- the setting length and the damage of the drill bit. With a precise microprocessor control, the GAM-80 automatic ring set machine will overcome the circumstances and provide highly accurate setting length.
  • The GAM-80 is equipped with micro computer control. It is very easy to operate and the setting rings from dial gage.
  • The GAM-80 is almost free from lubricated maintenance. Cost saving operation.
GAM-80 for general drilling machine  
GAM-80A for advanced control(TRUDRIL)  
GAM-80B for laser tool check setting length  
  Repeat precision +0.02mm  
  Construction Painted with epoxy base paint  
  Micro processor Capability Record former data by memory.
Revise data for save real time.
  Display & Alarm LED Digital Display.
Flash light with audio alarm.
  Quantity about 7000bits/shift.(8Hours)  
  Operational Touch panel, easy operation.  
  Power consumption 300 watts  
  Noise Low operation noise.  
  Power Supply AC 110V / 220V 60HZ
Single phase
  External D×W×H(mm) 750×450×220 mm3  
  Weight Approx 30kg  
Front View Lateral View
  Catalogue GAM80.pdf