GAM 70 Laser Vision Measurement
  • All operation are easy and using Window's interface in Chinese/English version.
  • Survey the thickness of tin solder by automatically or manually.
  • Survey the length and width manually, and the gap of tin solder.
  • Calculate the measure of area, the measure of cross-section and the measure of volumn automatically.
  • All surveyed values can be recorded to a file and be printed to a report.
  • Provide the diagrams of thickness distribution and control diagrams of X_BAR_R.
  • Calculate manfacture ability degree automatically (Cp,Cpk,Cpm).
  • It can have separate record according to every different production line.
  • It can adjust focal distance in different thickness of PC boards.
  • It can be called  to sample periodically.
  • Surveying the thickness of printing tin solder, length, height and gap.
  • Provide the references of thickness distribution values.
  • Provide the analysis of different measure of cross-section.
  • Calculate the measure of area and volumn automatically in object which to be surveyed.
  • Provide all diagrams of statistics and analysis.
    Provide X Control Diagram, R Control Diagram and Thickness List Diagram.
    Provide X Average Control Diagram, Single Point List Diagram.
  • Get the results of statistics and analysis about all surveyed values in every thickness degree.
  • Inspect the quality of solder printing process.
  • Survey the thickness of tin solder.
  • Measure the dimension of tin solder.
  • Provide thickness and dimension measurement function for other objects.
【Printing For Control Chart】
  • -R control chart.
  • Cp, Cpk, Cpm capability index.
【Operation And Measurement】
  • Display image full of screen.
  • Easy to sample.
  • Easy to operate
  • Real-time appearing the statistic.
【Distributive Thickness Chart】
  • Display and print the distributive thickneess chart.
  • Disply and print all the statistic.
  • Analysis the percentage for distributive thickness.
  Visual Range (mm) 2.5×2 mm  
  Magnification ×90  
  Measurement Table W×L(mm) 350×265 mm  
  Repeat Accuracy (mm) ±0.0035  
  Resolution 0.007 mm  
  Inspection Method Laser Vision  
  Computer Specification IBM Compatible Interface  
  Screen LCD Screen  
  Lens Color CCD Camera  
  Light LED Ring Light  
  Focus Focusing Control System  
  Consumption 400VA  
  Operation Chinese/English version  
  Power 110V.60Hz / 220V.50Hz  
  Dimensions L×W×H(mm) 350×400×350 mm  
  Weight 30 kg  
Above View  
Front View Lateral View
  Catalogue GAM70.pdf