GAM 620R Auto Turnover

  • If PCBA needs to be flipped over before unloading, GAM620R (auto turnover) can be connected between GAM330AT (auto separator) and GAM620A (auto unloader) for full automation.


  Direction of entering board

350*300 mm

  Suitable board size

Left to right

  Input / output method

Vacuum absorption and transfer

  Number of absorption mold 1 mold  
  Detection of missed absorption Editable vacuum value  
  Input / output drive Servo motor  
  Maximal transferring speed 800mm/min  
  Repeated precision of transferring ±0.05mm  
  PCBA transferring direction Turnover up and down  
  Coordinate position of PCBA and tray Editable  
  In-line connection capability Connecting to auto unloader  
  Power requirement AC220V 50/60HZ 3KW Single-phase  
  Air-supply requirement 5-6kg-c㎡ 40L/min  
  Machine dimension W990*D1115*H1650mm  
  Machine weight 330kg