GAM 60 Solder Paste Mixer



  • Excellent for ISO 9000 solder paste mix process condition. Strong mixing / kneading power, enables preparation uniform / high-quality solder paste. Increasing printing quality.
  • LED display panel and microprocessor control, easy to operate.
  • Operation time memory capability.
  • Mixing / kneading solder paste without contact exterior atmosphere.
  • Universal fixture, suitable for all kind of commercial solder paste container.
  • Easy to Operation
    The operation of GAM-60 solder paste mixer is very simple.
    Loading the original solder paste container into universal holder then press "Start" button. The GAM-60 will mix the solder paste, after your setting time the machine will stop automatically. The well mixed solder paste is ready for printing .
    Setting the timer by press the increasing and decreasing button. The LED display the setting time.
  • Well Mixing Capacity
    The GAM 60 solder paste mixer provide powerful solder paste mixing capacity.
    Anyone can prepare the well mixed solder paste to simplify the printing process in STM line.
  • Flexibility
    The GAM 60 solder paste mixer equipped with universal solder paste container holders. Which can hold most of commercial solder paste container. The holders are very easy to load and unload the solder paste container.
  • Precise Operation Time Control
    The GAM 60 equipped with electronic time and LED display. It is very easy to operate and the setting range from 6 seconds to 9.9 minutes by 6seconds index..
  • Low Maintenance
    The GAM 60 solder paste mixer provided lubrication and maintenance free operation.


  • 60E Balancer
    300g×1 200g×1 100g×2 50g×2

【 Data List of Before-After Mixing】




Before Mixing

After Mixing

Brand name




Ps Cps


2430ps 107.6 Million cps 1635ps 120.6 Million cps
AMQM293TA 2090ps 81.2 Million cps 1412ps 79 Million cps

【Image of Before-After Mixing】

  Operation Voltage AC 110V / 220V 60HZ  
  Operation Speed (60HZ)500/125 r.p.m/ (50HZ)400/100 r.p.m  
  Operation Capacity 500g/1000g Mix two cans of tin ointment at the same time  
  Time Setup Digitalized control and auto-memory while disconnection  
  Display & Warning LED digital display, indicator flash, and buzzer alarm  
  Mixing Time 0.1~9.9minutes, adjustable  
  Operation Manner One-touch button, simple and easy  
  Clamping Apparatus Function Multi clamping apparatus (Range ø35~65mm、the longest is 95mm),suitable for tin ointment cans of all brands  
  Operation Noise operation noise <35db  
  Mixer Size 390×390×385 mm (L x W x H)  
  Mixer Weight 38Kg  
  Option Knife 、Light 、Down-Blade  
GAM 60
Above View Front View Lateral View
  Catalogue GAM60.pdf