GAM 40 SMT Steel Hole Clean Machine
  • Immediate clean ability to the steel plate on line.
  • Overcome the blind spot of auto-clean (dry/wet), clean all solder paste on Fine-Pitch steel hole.
  • Clean steel hole by ultrasonic vibration, thoroughly clan and never harm the steel plate.
  • Don’t need to use CFC solvent, no environmental pollution
  • Provide an immediate clean ability to the steel plate on line, ensure the quality in continuous printing.
  • Clean thoroughly the dirt located at the corner and tip end.
  • Compact design and easy for operation.
  • Upgrade the printing superiority.
  • Printing steel plate.
Operating Method
  1. Place the absorption pad under the screen, and pour a small amount of solvent (ethanol, butyl acetate, etc) on the screen.
  1. Place the cleaning unit on top of the screen after the solder soften by solvent.
  1. Switch on the power (manual/automatic control)
  1. The solder paste will be absorbed by the pad during the vibration.
  Power Consumption 35W  
  Output Frequency 40KHZ  
  Power AC110V/60HZ, AC220V/50HZ  
  Dimension of Master D×W×H(mm) Master 370×350×100 mm3
Injector 60×60×85 mm3
  Weight Master 3 Kgs
Injector 0.5 Kgs
Above View  
Front View
Lateral View
  Catalogue GAM40.pdf  
  Video GAM40.mpg  
  Manual GAM40.pdf