GAM 330 Vision Added Automatic PCB Separator

  • Provide auto tool-change mechanism. Efficiency of operation is promoted significantly.
  • Equipped with high-speed CCD vision alignment system in all series of products to enhance the precision in cutting and efficiency in operation..
  • Use high-speed spindle with small cutting stress to precisely cut PCB of any shape..
  • Provide dual worktables for placing and cutting PCB in parallel to enhance the efficiency of operation.
  • Patented dust collector with low noise and high efficiency. Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Windows OS and window-based interface panel. Safe, stable, easy to learn and operate.
  • Equipped with high efficient vision-aided position alignment system with high-speed CCD camera in all product series. Especially designed for high-precision and high-production PCB cutting process.
  • Suitable for de-paneling small-sized PCBs for cell phone, car electronics, GPS device, PDA, and board card, etc.
  • Can choose either standard fixture or customized fixture for PCB cutting to help increasing the production volume.
  • Provide dual worktables so that placing and cutting PCB can be performed in parallel to minimize the waiting time.
Operation Panel
  • Operation interface is clear, friendly, and simple. Easy to learn and start quickly.
  • Functional items are clear and well categorized. Very easy to set the parameters for milling tool and fixture.
  • Provide four levels of authorization control according to user’s job rank.
  • The “History Window” can display the historical records of operation.
【Vision-Aided Position Calibration】
  • Use computer vision with high-quality CCD to automatically position the mark points and enhance the accuracy of cutting.
  • Can edit the path-planning program and simulate the cutting path to avoid wrong cutting.
【 Milling Tool Detection】
  • Provide capability of detecting broken/dropped/reversed milling tool for auto tool-change.
【The Whole PCB Scanning Function For Editing the Cutter’s Routing Path】
  • The function of scanning the whole PCB allows the user to facilitate correcting and editing the cutter's routing path rapidly.
【 Dual Worktables】
  • Provide dual worktables so that placing one PCB and cutting other PCB can be performed in parallel to minimize the waiting time.
  • The dual worktables can be merged to form a single large worktable to extend the size of the cutting area. Suitable for cutting large-sized PCBA.
  • Adding safety light curtain is available (optional).
【 Spindle】
  • High-speed precision spindle (60,000 RPM).
  • Include auto tool-change in standard configuration. Save labor and time costs for tool-change.
【 Dust Collector Mechanism】
  ITEMS GAM330 GAM330L  
  Valid cutting size 300*350mm 450*500mm  
  Cutting function Tweening to line, L shape, U shape, Circle ,Arc  
  Process table Dual tables  
  Repeat precision ±0.01mm  
  Cutting precision <=±0.1mm  
  Max moving speed

XY:1000mm/s , Z:500mm/s

  Max moving stroke X:840 Y:510 Z:90mm X:1005 Y:730 Z:90mm  
  Main shaft rotational speed MAX.60,000rpm (Adjustable)  
  Tool change type  Auto tool change  
  Router bit detection Automatic router bit detector  
  Cutting speed 1~100mm/s Adjustable  
  Operation system Window10  
  Program teaching mode Intuitive teaching by CCD color image input  
  Program backup USB data transfer  
  Control method Precision multi-axis control system  
  XYZ axis driving mode AC Servo Motor  
  Size of milling tool ø0.8~3.0mm  
  Voltage/Power requirement AC220V 50/60HZ 3KW Single-phase  
  Machine dimensions 1220(W)*1010(D)*1743(H)mm 1500(W)*1385(D)*1743(H)mm  
  Machine weight 480kg 600kg  
  Dust collector TS200 TS200L