GAM 320AT In-Line Automatic PCB Separator

  • In-line automatic PCB separator can load, cut, and un-load PCBs automatically to meet the needs of automatic factory.
  • Can automatically adjust width to adapt to the size of PCB. Can automatically differentiate finished PC board from waste-material after cutting for saving labor costs.
  • Provide dual worktables for placing and cutting PCB in parallel to enhance the efficiency of operation.
  • The system has auto-focusing function and requires no manual operation to adjust focus.
  • Use high-speed spindle for cutting with auto tool-change function. Save a lot of time in tool change by hand.
  • Automatic detection of broken/dropped/reversed milling tool in auto tool-change.
  • The MES central control system can be linked to upper information management system and provide integrated production data to monitor the status of equipment at any time.
  • The “upper dust collector” incorporated with “flexible cleaning brush module” enables deepening the milling tool to prolong the life-cycle of the tool’s usage. (GAM 330AT).
  • Provide automatic open/close switching module for clamp plate.


  • Perform a sequence of in-line operations including loading PCBA panel, cutting PCBA panel, differentiating finished PCBA from waste material, unloading PCBs. separately. Save tremendous labor cost.
  • Suitable for cutting small-sized PCBA panel used in cell phone, digital camera, and GPS device.
  • Different options of unloading PCBs. Achieve full automation and save labor cost.
Operational vision.
  • Functional items are clear and well categorized. Very easy to set the parameters for milling tool and fixture.
  • Provide four levels of authorization control according to user’s job rank.
  • The “History Window” can display the historical records of operation.
【Function Parameter Interface】
  • User-friendly operation interface makes setting of parameters extremely easy.
【 Dual Vacuum Suction Cups Module for Transferring】
  • May change suction cups module to gripper module based on user’s demand. (optional).
  • May purchase additional suction cups module with extra charge. Easy to change the production line.
【 The Loading Mechanism】
  • The loading system uses anti-static conveying belt. The rail can be automatically adjusted to fit the width of the loaded board.
  • The loading and transferring module can suck PCB and put PCB on fixture for cutting.
【 Unloading Mechanism】
  • Pick up the fixture containing finished product and board edge by vacuum absorber. Unload finished product on conveyor and put board edge in wastage tank.
  • Three options of unloading boards (some require additional charge):

    (1) Manual pickup,

    (2) Unload to the connected conveyor,

    (3) Unload to the connected test machine .

【 Milling Tool Detection】
  • Provide capability of detecting broken/dropped/reversed milling tool for auto tool-change.
  ITEMS Gam320AT GAM330AT  
  Valid cutting size 350*300mm  
  Loading Method

Track Delivery

  Unloading Method

Track Delivery or Partition Delivery

  Transfer Method

Vacuum Nozzle Adsorption

  Movement Direction

Left to Right/Right to Left

  Cutting function

Tweening to Straight line , Circle, and Arc

  Process table

Dual tables

  Repeat precision


  Cutting precision


  Max. moving speed

XY 800mm/s、 Z 350mm/s

  Max. moving stroke X:810 Y:370 Z:90mm  
  Main shaft rotational speed MAX.60,000rpm (Adjustable)  
  Cutting speed 1~100mm/s (Adjustable)  
  Operating system

Windows 10

  Program teaching mode

Intuitive teaching by CCD color image input

  Program backup USB data transfer  
  Control method Precision multi-axis control system  
  XYZ axis driving mode AC Servo Motor  
  Size of milling tool ø0.8~3.0mm  
  Voltage/Power requirement AC220V 50/60HZ 4KW Single-phase  
  Machine dimensions 1580(W)*1200(D)*1740(H)mm 1760(W)*1260(D)*1740(H)mm  
  Machine weight 800kg 800kg  
  Dust collector TS200L TS300L