GAM 30 V-Cut PCB Separator (The Best Achievements For Reduce Stress)


  • Firm structure be designed to prevent electronic circuit, solder point, and solder cutting area of PCB from damage by unsuitable force.
  • Effectivly reduce stress and prevent solder chap from PCB separation.
  • Unique material of blade, ensure the smooth cutting edge of PCB.
  • Touchable panel with five route adjustment be considered to fast change different size of PCB.
  • Equipped wiht a high frequency lighting to protect eyes and enhance efficiency for operating.
  • Strengthen safety device, prevent harm from operator.
  • PCB separating after SMT process.
【Contrast of Separation Edge】
Smooth Cutting Edge(by GAM 30) Coarse Cutting Edge(by hand)
By GAM 30 By Hand  
  • Blade, Light, Down Blade
【Cutting Capability】
  • Maximum Cutting Dimensions(mm):400×150
  • Maximum Cutting Thickness(mm):3.2

  • A:PC Board Cut Thickness(mm):1.0~3.2
  • B:Minimum V-CUT Size(mm):0.25
  • C:PC Board V-CUT Fillister Thickness(mm):0.3~0.8
  Blade Velocity(mm/sec) 150,250,350,500 mm/sec  
  Blade Route(mm/max) 400(change with the length chosen) mm/max  
  Blade Material Alloy Steel  
  Blade Trimming(mm) 0~2 mm  
  Down Material Board Trimming(mm) 0~50 mm  
  Normal Rated Power(W) 250 W  
  Back Shield Board Depth Trimming (mm) 0~150 mm  
  Power Supply(V) 110/220 V  
  Blade Size(mm) Diameter 150 mm  
  Down-Blade Size(mm) 460 mm  
Above View  
Front View Lateral View
  Catalogue GAM30.pdf