GAM 200A Reflow Checker
  • Windows operation system, high -software –compatibility.
  • Easy operation/ single bottom to execute IN/OUT temperature measurement and data downloading.
  • High efficiency : USB transfer/ charge quickly & convenient.
  • High-intelligence: FLASH chips, 1M Memory can record N times .( about 850,000points ).
  • Low electric consumption: Charged lithium battery can constantly use for 60 hours.
  • Advanced software functions: Do various analyses, such as temperature, time, slopes, average etc..
  • Report chart will display the reflow oven zones/ length/ temperature setting and PCB measurement positions.
  • Apply to SMT reflow oven, DIP processing, wave oven and high precision temperature measurement manufacturers.
  • Quick and easy to receive temperature data for processing analyze and analysis control.
【Operational Vision】
  • Diagrammatic window operating page.
  • Human Operational Environment.
  • Easy to learn and and operate.

【System Setting】

  • Provide the fine tuning revise by diagrammatic machine.
  • Windows Operational Environment: Easy to learn, and operate.
System page
  • Temperature curve, time, sloping analysis, could display precisely the oven temp.
  • Length of oven, oven temperature and detected temperature point could be recorded and set up separately.
  • Time, temperature, sloping warning situation analysis result will be auto displayed on screen by different color of words, that means the value is over the warning value.
Print report
  • Temperature curve could display the detect result.
  • The length of oven, and oven temperature data sheet could be exported to the form.
  • User could choose any point of oven temperature analysis data and export to the form.
Application chart
  • Can be detected to 9 channels detect points.
  • Auto record the temperature change in each zone of oven.
  • Just click one button, the profiler will auto recode, easy to operate.
Packing List】 

Thermocouple K type x 9

Heatproof  Gloves x 1

High temperature adhesive tape x 1

Drivers CDx1

Data transfer cable x 1

Package box x 1

User Manual x 1

Certification report x 1

Rack x 1

【 Dimension】
【Technology Parameters】



  Memory 1 million detect points
  Record gropus 4000 groups
  Text Channel 9 channels
  Sampling Frequency 0.5sec~25secs
  Precision ± 0.6
  Resolution 0.1℃
  Thermocouple Types K type
  Power ≦15mA
  Max. temperature of outside running Max 300℃
  Max. temperature of inner running 70℃
  Batter type DC3.7V Lithium battery
  Batter capacity 1000mAh
  Stand by time 180 days
  External box dimension (LxWxH) 303x87x31mm
  Internal box dimension (LxWxH) 265x53x14mm
  • We offer 12 months warranty (except battery, thermocouple, heat-proof tape and consumable parts).
  • Free update service during warranty period.
  • Provide product calibration service.
  Catalogue GAM200A.pdf